A trans-shell – Jacques John Joanna

Yes..this essay is also again having its initiation as like the other notes whom initiation starts from the description of a picture what i’ve linking. but a small difference differntiates this essay from the others significantly, that is this essay has not such an entity of restricting the description of picture to the initial paragraph but this whole essay is on the art what i’ve attached here itself.

Georgia O’keefe and when i was just searching about this artist, i’ve skipped the valuable descriptions regarding this artist,since the intensity of attraction in the works of the artist made myself to get more distribution in the sphere of the artistic contributions of the artist.

Well. Lots of beautiful art. But what attracted me much is the art “Red Hills With White Shell”, whose link is what i’ve attched here.A lonely shell,like a small boy alone in the house having its locus in the surface of those redhills. With a blanket of yellow shades above the mountains, what we call sky remembering a sunrise.

Yes.But what is the interesting concept what i’ve found in this art? What made me to write an analysis of this art?

Trans-shell. The topic itself is beautiful for me, with an prefix of trans. but what does this signify? a lonely perl located in a reddish hill. yes here comes the notion of signifiers. Well most feminists were aware of the distinction of what is the signifier of a phallic rule-the sun: i’ve read that in a philosophical book and as well as i should thank Anna Kenny, for making me to understand the signifiers the sun-phallic signifier and the ocean-the womb or the woman signifier.

Then what does a shell located as equal height to the hill indicate? the hill as we know is the locus of the sun temporally and the hill thus represents the abode of the phallic signifier. And the white shell which is found in the mighty oceans is misplaced or exported to here, to be laid near the redhill. Though the shell, might be as equal as the height of the hill, but it still need some dissolved oxygen for intake and hence a womb-the great ocean. The migration or the placing of the perl in the hill makes the perl, just a dead shell, a shell inactive.

So, what i wish ti infer from this analogy?It is the condition where there still exists a hill for the abode of the phallic, but still there is a perl which is like a cyst thrown after a use or it is non alive. A femininity requiring the femininity to escape from the thanatos.

It is for me a symbolic for transgenderism concealed under the phallus within every phallus, which liberates the feminine energy if the sea covers the red hills. hence the sea must invade the land, the hills and ultimately the sun to expose a transphilosophy within everysystem, which possible only under the expansion of a severe matriarchy. The destruction of the rule of phallus and to a condition where sun and oceans continues a beautiful cycle.

How this could be possible? For a sea to invade a sun? yes,it is possible. It is located with the androgyny of gender, by which a genderless condition emerges. For that i feel one should refer valerie solanas, the stage in whcih the demonic shock waves of mighty oceans, bursts the hills , reformulates them. remodulates them and finally allows a equilibrium of a sunrise and the ocean.

Yes, hence the art for me is an expression of the rise of the matriarchy, the feminine energy which can give the breath of life to this lonely perl, and hence a concept of gender maynot have a signifier or signified.

Hmm..yes well…let me find a suitable perl in the next visit to a shore and let me think when the tsunami occurs…

– Jacques John Joanna


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