Two Advertisements, One Point….

Racist Notion, Sexist Discrimination, Humiliation to Women – Fair & Handsome fairness cream for Men

Fair & Handsome fairness cream for Men Advertisement – a ‘male’ voice:_”Hey bailwan you using Ladies Fairness Cream? tomorrow nail polish, the next day Lipstick?, remove your langotta and start wearing half saree…………… use fair and handsome cream ”

and the visual shows that the man uses ladies fairness cream, and this would turn him to have feminine qualities which is supposed to be inferior for Men. It also says that Men’s Skin are hard (unlike women) & to gain fairness ‘women’ fairness cream are useless. It highlights American Lumino Peptide thus propagating that American white skin is superior than Indian / the dark skin. Following this they show women falling for that Bailwan which degrades the quality of women thus disseminating a wrong message about women and also adds up to Racist notion humiliating dark skin.

“Fair & Handsome advt humiliates a man for using “Feminine Products”.  It projects & propagates that ‘feminine qualities’ are inferior. They disseminate that men who have feminine qualities will not be respected by the society. It shows that women will fall for men who are “Manly” thus degrading the qualities of Women. These ‘Manly’ concepts create stress & wrong ideologies in the minds of Men. The Portrayal of such masculinity contributes to be the important reason for humiliating the queer people. Most of the ‘Women’ products designed & marketed by Capitalists target the Male Gaze present in the society and wants to retain it for their ‘marketing’.

In this particular advertisement we should also note the kind of ‘imagery’ that the lead character Surya carries by means of ‘big’ (lion-like!!!) mustache. In the hindi version of the ad, Sharukh Khan appears with an artificial musthache…and it looks quite funny… Does ‘maniliness’ lie only inside few ‘hair strings’..? Is there no value of ‘character’ in this society? Does this ad suggest that Men who do not have mustache, dark skin etc are not to be ‘preferred’ by Women… this is quite insulting to Men also. I want Men also realize that they should demand more self esteem. Oppose these ‘Capitalists’ saying that you have better things to do rather than only keep worrying about ‘attracting Women’.

Fairness Cream Ads are discriminating People based on Skin Color & We strongly  condemn such discrimination created by the Capitalists Society. Especially they are Male Chauvinistic & brand Women as “Sex Symbols” and portrays Women fall for men just by (Constructed) beauty, thus insulting women of their intellectual capacity. Fairness Creams propagate Racist Notion. It misleads People to go against Nature.

Sexism  through ‘Girl’ Child

In Recent times exploitation of Girl Child is in increase.  ‘Pretty’, ‘Fair’ skinned girl children are ‘employed’ to promote cosmetics, Jewellery, Textile & other Life Style products. Of the ‘numerous’ advertisements, the one that caught my attention the ‘other way’ is that of the ‘maya and may cosmetics’, in which a girl child of age around 8 walks in to a celebration hall & gets attention of everybody. When she asked what the reason behind her beauty is, she says ‘use maya & maya EMU cosmetics….you will also become pretty’.  The irony here is that she advices a Old aged Women also to use those products…there will be another ‘girl’ child watching this with full of eagerness to know the beauty secret & longs to become beautiful in the near future.  How absurd & Sexist this could be.  Promoting ‘beauty’ through children, isn’t this a factor to be concerned about?

More Often these ‘beauty’ ads also propagate that become beautiful so that you would win a chance in ‘film’ industry or ‘Advertisement’ Industry. Is that the only ‘opportunity’ on Earth for a Women to get recognized… (oh…pl give us a break).

I just want to tell those MCPs only one thing… ‘Stop Defining Feminity, Stop Defining Beauty, Stop Associating Women with Beauty’. Do not Exploit Children to propagate such Discriminating notions.


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