Hmmm..in this democratic system, gender equality remains  upside down as shown in the picture,until some “hi handsomes hi handsomes” evolves….!!!!!

                                                                   -JACQUES JOHN JOANNE

Okay..!! well, you have guessed from the title itself that the essay is against the sissyphobia and transphobia portrayed by the fair and handsome ad by the emami. Well, look at the below pictures.

Well…now I feel you can guess what I wish to say here. The emami ad portrays a macho men with the moustache, applying a facial cream for women to him. The ad, makes a laugh out of this behaviour and the “hero” appears here and asking the macho men “so, now facial cream, then nail polish, then lipstick?” and suggests the macho man to apply “fair and lovely product”. So the macho, who had applied the fair and lovely cream now  turn “white and manly” and in the subsequent scene, a group of women dance around him singing “hi handsome..hi handsome”.

Okay..!! now, our essay starts with that “handsome macho hunk”. The handsome hunk portrayed here as handsome is the depiction of a politics of the white skin. A racial point of view. Being white is not necessarily called beautiful. Okay, if somebody is ready to criticise what I had wrote in the previous line, let them justify what is beauty and how the colour of beauty is white. It is such an racial expression of the human bodies, viewing them as white and turning to white is what called the turning to beauty or handsome.

The next line of thought is the role played by the hero. Yes, the ad had done a best job of representing what is the source from where one gets the ideas to turn “beautiful and  masculine”. This ad, thus via this way of thought is the beautiful depiction of the condition of society. This explains the hero is a corrupted soul, by the racial politics who just considers that being white is beautiful. This is an another form of “hero worship”, which if we follow through the line of this ad, reveals that a boy, remains feminine until the introduction of a hero, who makes him “beautiful and masculine”. This is a strategy employed in this ad, by which a observer is teached with some ways to make them “manly”.

Okay..!! now let we turn to the next criticism. Once the macho represented here, turned to a “beautiful,handsome,white and masculine”, he is surrounded by a gang of young girls, who sing and dance around them. Well, nice representation. Okay..!! what is the hidden homophobia here? A masculine body represented here is represented as the love object for the feminine one. But what is real? There exist, gay identities, bisexual identities, polysexual identities, pansexual identities etc, for which identities such an association of masculine only with feminine is erroneous. Yes this is real and what is nature.  A masculine body associated only with a feminine body is the politics of heterosexuality, where queer sexualities remains derivative or peripheral.

Well, then what is the hidden         transphobia and sissyphobia present here? Transphobic in the sense a feeling of hatred against the
transgenders and if we consider sissyphobia, it is the feeling of hatred against the sissy people or effeminate men. Okay.!!! The ad, is an example for the iteration of the gender performance concept by Judith Butler. The essentialistic aspect of gender is preserved here. There is no law which states that women should wear nail polishes or men shouldn’t wear that. Anything which just makes this law is the place where feminism and queer theory criticises. Effeminate men are widely discriminated even within queer community, and their quality of being “not-manly”, who deviate the traditional gender roles is widely considered as the heretic in the non-queer circles more widely.

Transpeople and sissy people violate the traditional gender roles. And the macho man here is criticised by the “hero” for being a effeminate. Oh dear readers, who reads this essay let me ask you one question….how a nail colored becomes non-beauty compared to a nail-non-colored? Some ridiculous logics woven in the sissyphobia. Even this is the logic that creates transphobia, where man born man, violate the gender enters the other gender, something which is hard to digest in a homophobic-racist-heterosexual-antiqueer-sissyphobic-transphobic socity..!!!

Hmmm..in this democratic system, gender equality remains a upside down as shown in the picture,until some “hi handsomes hi handsomes” evolves….!!!!!


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