New Vodafone Advertisement should be banned



Movement Against Sexual Exploitation and Sexism

6/25, Jayalakshmipuram 1st Street


Chennai – 600034

Phone: 97908 45745


 To: Advertising Council of India

The Recent Vodafone Advertisement starring two pre-teens disseminates perversion amongst children. In the name of ‘uninterrupted connections, instant connections; etc the advertisement depicts that vodafone would serve as instant connectors for pre-teens. It has exploited ‘minor’ children and encourages ‘minor’ relationships. This is no less than propagating child sex. This advertisement would send out ‘wrong’ interests and inflict curiosity in the minds of children.

Child Rights activists have quoted that there is an urgent need to clarify variety of sexual activities that are involved to constitute Child Sexual Abuse as also the age of the child.

The third paragraph in the Proposal to Amend the Prohibition of Child Marriage Act, 2006 & other allied Law states released by law commission of India states that Child marriage makes girls more vulnerable to domestic violence and sexual abuse.

Ignoring these recommendations from child rights activists and Law Commission of India the above advertisement from Vodafone markets ‘child love’ which lays foundation for ‘child marriage’, ‘child-sex’ and destruction of childhood.

Hence we from M.A.S.E.S request you to kindly take action to ban this advertisement. Also request you to consider this act of engaging children in Advertisements as punishable under THE CHILD LABOUR (PROHIBITION AND REGULATION) ACT, 1986 ACT NO. 61 OF 1986 [23rd December, 1986.]

sincerely yours,

Kotravai (Nirmala)

Founder – M.A.S.E.S


Advertisement Video:

c.c: Press Council of India, Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, Ministry of Women and Child Development, TULIR, secretary, Law Commission of India, IBF India


[body of the mail:

Herewith I am attaching an urgent complaint against the new VODAFONE advertisement.
I am nirmala from Chennai. I run a movement to create awareness about the Gender Stereotyping and exploitation in Mass Media and Advertisements. I had run 2 online protest campaigns. The one against ebay has already made them withdraw the sexist advertisement. The second campaign is against EMAMI fair and handsome advertisement for Men which demeans women. I had filed complaint to you about that ad during may 2011 and did not receive any reply, and this had motivated me to start a Movement to take up serious protests and campaign against such exploitation. Even after continuous mails and face book reminders I never got any reply or response from you. So I had restarted the online petition and I have about 444 e-signatures and 53 manual signatures already requesting ban on EMAMI ad. More details are available at
But before I could take up some serious, legal step demanding ban on EMAMI advertisement I have noticed yet another dangerous ad that exploits children and disseminates child love and child sex. I do not want to delay the complaint process by creating petitions, campaigning etc because this advertisement is quite ill against child welfare. Hence I am writing this mail to you.
Kindly take up necessary action to ban this advertisement immediately.
I request the Press Council of India, Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, Ministry of Women and Child Development, TULIR, secretary, Law Commission of India also to intervene and speed up the process.
This is of real concern.
kotravai (nirmala)



2 thoughts on “New Vodafone Advertisement should be banned

  1. Gloria Selvam March 16, 2012 at 11:36 am Reply

    I one hundred percent agree with Ms Nirmalaji to ban such type of advertiement; we don’t know what the Ministry is doing. It should immediately take against the Vodofone company without any more delay

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