Koodankulam protesters solidarity movement starts relay fast in Chennai.

Koodankulam protesters solidarity movement starts relay fast in Chennai.
Venue: Thaayagam, MDMK office, Egmore, Chennai. Time: 9 a.m to 5 p.m

We request all democratic forces to join hands.

The struggle that has been on for decades against the koodankulam nuclear power plant has gained momentum in the last 7 months as a significant and co-ordinated people’s struggle. However the current turn of events have landed this extraordinary people’s movement into a critical juncture. Facing unjust slander by the central government on the antecedants of the leaders and their monetary status and demolishing the utterly unscientific proclamations of the Indian nuclear power scientist lobby the ordinary working masses, the fisher people of Koodankulam have stood by their resolve and continue till this moment even as guns are being pointed at their tiny coastal village from all directions possible. The Tamilnadu government whom the people of koodankulam trusted has let go of its promises and has announced the plant open just after the sankarankovil by election.

In this situation, thousands and thousands of police, para military and industrial security forces and rapid action forces have arrived upon the democratic and peaceful struggle of the people and have literally laid a siege making idinthakarai a forsaken island. This is not just illegal but its against the grains of democracy.

If the state thinks it can bend the will of a peaceful protest using its ugly hands of force we can’t just stand witness to this and there cannot be a greater injustice to keep quiet on the face of such state violence against its own people. In order to protest many groups and individuals have come together in the name of koodankulam protesters solidarity movement and have started a relay fast from today. On the first day of the fast women writers and activists took part in the fast.
The fast today was started solemnly and many leaders including mallai sathya of MDMK, Vanni arasu of Viduthalai siruthaigal katchi came to felicitate the fast. Many tamil writers, artists and activists took place and registered their emotional and political solidarity to the biggest struggle of our times.

Demands of the relay fast
1. The enormous police force gathered in koodankulam should be immediately withdrawn. Section 144 which has been clamped for almost a month is ill motivated to fizzle out a peaceful and democratic struggle and hence it has to be removed.

2. It is a shameful and heinous precedent if a government thinks it can resolve a struggle by stopping electriciry and drinking water to a village with thousands of people. Similarly food, medicines, hygiene facilities, and essential material like milk for the children should be restored to the community immediately.

3. The children of the protesters who are locked up in the siege on Idinthakarai have not been able to write their school final exams. This is a clear cut child rights violation. The children should be enabled to write their exams with due protection.

4. We request the Chief minister of Tamil nadu to hold a open minded dialogue with the protesting fisher people and resolve the issue of their threatened livelihoods.

5. The koodankulam people are struggling to safeguard their livelihoods, the life of their children and for the safety of tamilnadu. Even if one cannot accept thir demand they do not deserve to be threatened at gun point and we urge all democratic forces to raise their voices against this unjust violence that is being unleashed on a peaceful struggle.


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