Update on seeking justice for Sonali Mukherjee


Movement Against Sexual Exploitation and Sexism

6/25, Jayalakshmipuram 1st Street


Chennai – 600034


Dear Sir,

Hindu dated 13.7.2012 has published a news about Ms. Sonali Mukherjee who was sexually harassed by her neighbours and affected by the acid attack by them. Her face is severely damaged and she has lost her eyesight & she is now partially deaf. She has been appealing to the Government of New Delhi for help and been running from pillar to post. Now she is also receiving threats from the People attacked her, post their release from jail.

She demands help or permission for EUTHANASIA.

Reading the above news in Hindu, MASES immediately got into action by publishing the news on its blog & via social Media and took it to the notice of more People.

Reading about the injustice done to Sonali, I was highly annoyed and wanted to do what best can MASES do to appeal to People for help. We posted about the issue on MASES blog on 12th July and wrote letters to Commissioner of Police Delhi, Chief Minister Delhi, AIDWA, National Commission for Women, Ministry of Women and Child Development. We also approached few Human Rights Organization and NGOs seeking letter of Support and to urge the Ministries & authorities to intervene.

Following this Federation for People’s Rights, Puducherry had issued a memorandum expressing Solidarity and they also faxed letters to Prime Minister, Chief Minister of Jharkand and Chief Minister of Delhi.

MASES has approached a Women NGO for further action & protests.

Meanwhile on 17th July the Commissioner of Police, New Delhi has replied acknowledging the mail sent by MASES and has forwarded the mail to you. Reference No.is 8053/E-mail dated 14/07/2012.

While I spoke to Chandi Das Mukherjee father of Sonali Mukherjee he demands action against the men who are threatening her post their release. Those men are in Dhanbad. Hereby we request you also to kindly urge the Dhanbad police to take necessary action and offer help for Sonali Mukherjee.


Thanking You,

Yours truly,




Meanwhile MASES will contact Dhanbad Police to offer protection for Sonali Mukherjee and take action against the Men who are threatening her.



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