Man arrested for keeping wife’s private parts under lock and key


When a woman who had tried to commit suicide by drinking rat poison was rushed to hospital on Tuesday, doctors discovered a lock around her private parts. Her husband, who works as a mechanic, admitted that he drilled holes into her at home four years ago. Every morning, before leaving for work, he would insert the lock, taking his key with him.

Now the media and the news channels present him with zoom in and zoom out as if he is an animal, a cannibal. While we arrest him and keep him accountable for this merciless deed, do we hold ‘OTHERS’ also responsible for influencing the ‘chaste’ ideology in his mind so strongly. The films, The Media, The Religious texts, The myths & Puranas and all Social CODES and DEFINITIONS on women is to be held accountable for ‘INFLUENCING’ the minds of MEN and the society as whole with their ‘Praise’ for ‘Chaste Women’ and for humiliating women based on the sexual conduct.

While we put him in jail, we may have to burn all those Male Chauvinistic Texts as well. Shouldn’t we punish those people who do the representation and stereotyping of Women in Media and Films.

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