Focal lens to view my petition – Kotravai

Hereby I am presenting a focal lens to view the demands of my petition:

If I am a right wing idiot or a religious fundamentalist, I would not have petitioned the ‘editors’ of the magazine rather I would have taken on the actresses & women who lend themselves to the sexual objectification. I would have agitated infront of Nadiakar Sangam reproaching the actresses / women by putting their ‘sexy pictures’ as banners and posters and would have gone to the Hindu Munnani Office to submit my petition.

As a Marxist-Feminist I am appealing to the ‘makers’ to be more responsible and be accountable for the impact that they are making through their Objectifying pictures. It is a dialogue sent to awaken their conscience because I am truly concerned.

I believe that People are getting distracted and de-sensitized towards the humanitarian crisis arising in our times & women’s body is being used as a tool of distraction.

As a Woman it hurts me and I want to liberate the Women’s body from the clutches of Commercialization and Objectification.

If I was a rightist / fundamentalist / conservative feminist (it doesn’t gel well right) I would climbed up to the court demanding a ‘decent’ dress code for women and also expressed my solidarity for ‘pardha’….. common folks, lets not find ‘excuses’…..



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