2010 அரவான் கோவிலில் என்னுடைய இந்த தாலி அறுக்கப்பட்டபோது நான் அடைந்த துயரம் அளவிடமுடியாதது. உதட்டில் புன்னகை, ஆனால் உள்ளே கொஞ்சம் கொஞ்சமாக செத்துக்கொண்டிருந்தேன். அத்தகைய துயரம் மட்டுமே தலையெழுத்து என்பதை மாற்றுவதற்கான என்னுடைய சிறிய முயற்சிதான் ‘திருநங்கை சுயம்வரம்’. /

When my Mangalsutra was cut by the priest in Aravan Temple and when I embraced widowhood, I was extremely sad. SMILING OUTSIDE, DYING INSIDE! Is this our fate? Why should our life be sealed? Why should it be? We also deserve to live like any other woman. We also deserve love, deserve a family. Isn’t that too much to ask? That is the reason I want to conduct SWAYAMVARA FOR TRANSWOMEN.

I would like to partner with student groups, Rotary or Lions clubs and other support groups to conduct the historical ‘Thirunangai Swayamvara’ திருநங்கை சுயம்வரம் event. Please write to me: aurokalki@gmail.com

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5 thoughts on “SWAYAMVARA FOR TRANSWOMEN – Kalki Subramaniam

  1. sathyu August 17, 2012 at 12:05 pm Reply

    Best Wishes! One ought to fight for the right to marriage and conduct one’s own ‘Swayamvara’ and wear the best of the designer ‘Mangalasutra’ of one’s taste and choice. It is imperative that our jurisprudence legalises this form of marriage like every other form of marriage. It would only then that love would get institutionalized into a social unit of the family and the principles of child rearing and caring would get normalised into the set pattern of the society. As a corollary, the bequeathing of private property to one’s legal or biological heirs also would get smoothened and evened out in the said process. If the whole society is falling into this pattern of normative behaviour, the beautiful ‘Thirunangais’ have every right under the sheltering sky to follow suit. And, why not?!

    While it is wonderful to struggle for these choices and rights, it is humbly suggested that there could also be adequate attempts to strive forward for a comprehensive understanding and critical discussion on the following issues: (1) the complexities of love in monogamy; (2) the symbolism of ‘mangalasutra’ and its role in propping up patriarchy; (3) the agenda of priorities in the struggle for the rights of the transgendered in the contemporary world; (4) the role of modern family in maintaining the status quo; and above all, (5) the politics of love and longing in post-modernity. Better clarity on these issues would enable any significant social and political movement not to fall into a vicious trap. Good Luck!

  2. Kalki Subramaniam❤ (@mskalki) August 23, 2012 at 5:26 am Reply

    Thanks to M.A..S.E.S for sharing this on the site. And thanks Sathyu for your positive and thoughtful feedback.

  3. Joti Joel August 27, 2012 at 4:26 am Reply

    உங்களுடைய இந்த நல்ல முயற்சி வெற்றிபெற்று , பல திருநங்கைகள் நல்வாழ்வு பெற எமது வாழ்த்துகள் !

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