Barred from cooking, SC noon meal worker petitions collector – TOI

We boast of Koodankulam, Nitrino Project, Chandrayans, I.T. Parks, Malls, etc but do we know the ‘reality’ of caste oppression in India.  Shameful.

M.A.S.E.S urges Salem colelctor K. Maharapushanam to take action on the petition submitted by Sundara Vanitha.

L Saravanan TNN

Salem: A noon meal worker belonging to a Scheduled Caste submitted a petition to Salem collector K Maharapushanam on Friday saying she was barred from cooking at the school where she was posted.
Sundara Vanitha, 35, who lives on Adi Dravidar Street in Omalur taluk with her husband Settu and two sons, was appointed as a noon meal worker on August 16 and posted at Rasipurathan Kattu Valavu Panchayat Union Primary School in Kadayampatti Panchayat union. However, parents did not allowtheir children to eat meals cooked by her. The children continued to refuse food cooked by her for three days.
“A few parents told me not to cook because of my caste. Since it is my job I cooked but the children refused the food,” said Vanitha. Thereafter, the issue was taken to block development officer and Kadayampatti panchayat union president who visited the school and held an inquiry with parents. Based on the findings, Vanitha was transferred to another school, but faced the same problem there. “I was shifted to Mookanur Panchayat Union Middle School on August 27. But here too, parents objected to my cooking and abused me,” Vanitha said.
Consequently, Vanitha complained to several revenue and police officers, but in vain. As a last resort, she petitioned the collector on Friday, her brother L Raja said. “My sister has been posted to two schools in 10 days only because she is a dalit. We registered a complaint with the Deevattipatti police station and Omalur tahsildar office in this regard, but no action was taken,” Raja said.



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