Update on Kaliammaal’s case

A press release was sent by MASES on 27th to few media and a 2nd release following AIDWA’s letter was sent again to all media People.  Few Reporters got in touch with me. Indian Express had published the news on 29th august. Few Reporters wanted to reach Kaliammal. I spoke to Kaliammal and she is presently with her daughter in G.H, Thoothukudi.  Eswari is under treatment. Since nobody is there to help them and be in the hospital to take care of Eswari, Cook food etc Kaliammal has decided to start her treatment after 15 days.  MASES is in touch with her.

Jawan’s tonsure torture leaves wife scared

By J Jayasingh Sathyaraj | ENS – THOOTHUKUDI

29th August 2012 08:17 AM

A young woman who was periodically tortured by her suspicious soldier-husband has been lying in a hospital bed in Thoothukudi for nearly a month recovering from wounds inflicted on her. Strangely, police have so far failed to arrest her tormentor husband, who is a Lance Naik in the Indian Army and his brother who had allegedly abused her.

The 25-year old woman Guru Eswari married her maternal uncle Murugan eight years ago.

According to her mother, every time Murugan returned to his Army battalion, he would allegedly force his wife to tonsure her head “to make her look ugly.” Eswari was residing with her mother-in-law Poosammal at Tharuvaikulam near Thoothukudi. Kaliammal alleged that last month Murugan’s brother Shanmuga Sundararaja had visited Eswari’s house and stayed there for three days during which he attempted to misbehave with her. On July 24 the two brothers tortured Eswari.

Later they allegedly branded her body using a hot iron rod. “They also threw chilly powder in her eyes after tying her legs and hands,” said Kaliammal pointing to the scars on her daughter’s body. Eswari was allegedly tortured for six days whole days.

source: http://newindianexpress.com/states/tamil_nadu/article597455.ece


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