M.A.S.E.S – Draft Agenda


Sexual exploitation and discrimination in the society operates on various platforms. It is being extremely revered and admired. Formation of a forum or a movement would enable a focused approach in oppose these exploitation. The founder believes that Marxist-Feminist-Socialist approach would help theoretically in de-constructing the existing Patriarchal Ideologies and guide us in constructive approach.  The founder also adapts the preaching of Periyar and Ambedkar for emancipation of women. This is a Leftist, progressive movement to fight for egalitarian society.  There are many political organization fighting for women’s rights, they are equally loaded with tons of issues in the society, it needs a special focus to liberate the mass from the media myth, with a feminist focus.

This movement was formed with an objective to create awareness, expose, fight against discrimination based on caste, creed, color, religion, gender and would like to work beyond these differences and being a part of a political party, NGO etc., The focus of this organization is to expose, create awareness, fight against Gender stereotyping, gender discrimination, sexual exploitation in Media. It would also fight against or support other discrimination issues by joining hands with other existing organization or fight individually as per the demand of the situation.


1.  Expose, create awareness, fight against Gender stereotyping, gender discrimination, sexual exploitation and sexist arguments, demeaning third gender in Mass Media (esp. television and cinema).

2.  To recommend self-governing rules to such sexist groups.

3.  To identify, point out the Patriarchal, male chauvinistic, exploitative influences in the sexual freedom thoughts recommended for women and liberate women and the society as a whole  from media myth.

4.  To recommend governing councils of respective media to implement self-regulating rules. In case of non-response, approaching court, human rights commission and seek some regulation.

5.  While every institutional approach fails – To Propagate especially to Women, suggesting them to boycott such people who have humiliated, exploited, contributed in indecent representation of women in Media and in general public. The suggestion would be extended to the society as a whole.

6.         To demand economical justice for subalterns.

Dangers of Male dominant Obscenity:

1.         Women and gender queer are humiliated. They are being objectified as mere sexual Objects.

2.         These representation propagate wrong ideology about women, women’s freedom and distracts women’s fight for emancipation.

3.         Obscenity / Porns triggers sexual desire in an extremist manner and it results in psychic maniac expression, turning to be violent against women. Rape of women and children escalate.

4.         Women are influenced to work against women (glorifying class difference, personality difference etc)

5.         People’s intellect are captivated and directed towards sexual consumerism and are distracted from social consciousness. (The mass media representation of women plays an important role in social perception of women. There are sexist, racist notion, humiliation based on physical challenge etc. our movement would concentrate with special focus in exposing such representation. We would like to document each and every discriminating representation and sexual exploitation and initiate a debate on it, demand remedial action wherever possible).

6.         We would also support other such organizations.

List of few initiatives to be taken:

1. To work in the ideological sphere and expose the sexual exploitation and sexist representation in Mass Media. This is the primary focus. If other issues are brought to the knowledge of the movement and help sought, we will do our best to help the needy.

2.  To debate and draft the opposing tools and modes.

3.  To list out requirements based on the opposing method.

4.   To distribute the responsibilities amongst volunteers.

5.   To draft the final Manifesto for the movement.

6.    To fight against humiliation of physically challenged or differently abled people and children.

7.    To expose, fight against sexual exploitation, sexual humiliation, and sexual discrimination based on Nationality, Religion, caste, color, Race and creed .

8.    To To expose, fight against sexual exploitation, sexual humiliation, and sexual discrimination on subalterns.

9.   To expose, fight against wage difference based on gender.

10.  To expose, fight against wage difference based on Nationality, Religion, caste, color, Race, physical appearance and creed.

11.   To run a blog (this is a zero fund movement, so website etc is not affordable) to disseminate awareness and knowledge about the above listed discrimination and movement initiatives.

Primary importance is given to documentation – request is made to supporters, volunteers to contribute to the movement by sharing content / news releases / articles / pictures / movies / posters / incidents of such exploitation.  You could spread a word about the movement to your circle.

It’s been 6 months since the launch of this movement, it takes baby steps. We did a launch program on 10th March 2012. I have no resource to hold monthly meetings, run the organization in a typical way. It’s purely an individual effort and work, with a moral support from network of online community.

The movement believes in democratic speech and would welcome contributing articles from all except the ones which disseminate right wing-male chauvinistic ideologies.

This is not an NGO, Political Party, Alliance of any Political Group etc., As an Individual I (kotravai) started this Movement out of my own concern and am seeking help from People who have similar concern.


  1. This is just a preliminary draft and suggestions are welcome.
  2. There is no Hierarchy in this organization. The founder is the moderator; we welcome coordinators, consultants and volunteers to join us.

The draft agenda was made during the launch and now translated from Tamil: https://masessaynotosexism.wordpress.com/wp-admin/post.php?post=380&action=edit&message=1

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