IIT girls wants to abide by ‘femininity’

While there are so many fundamental rights denied for Women, it is a shame to notice IIT calls setting up for a beauty Parlor for women in their campus a student friendly gesture. It is even more shameful to notice that the so called ‘intelligentsia’ women folks seemed to be overwhelmed by this approval from the management.

While the women outside their (Brahmin) walls is fighting against consumerism, gender stereotyping, fighting for rights to women’s development, there has not been a single day without violence against women, I have not come across one sensible proposal from these IITian women calling to end these violence and discrimination against women, further to that they express their happiness and gratitude for branding them ‘girls’..

Thank you girls….you are the future of Indian Women’s Freedom movement………….

Girls are you aware of the this casteist discrimination in your institution………….


A ‘beautiful’ chance for girls at IIT-Madras – TOI

M Ramya, TNN Sep 25, 2012, 07.22AM IST

“Most of us head to salons at least once a month. This will make life very convenient for us,” said Radhika Menon (name changed), a resident student on campus.

Others said this would help them avoid fixing up appointments that most beauty salons insist on. “We would also like to get the girly stuff done at our convenience. After all, a trip to a parlour is also about relaxing,” said Shraddha Sagar, another resident.

A 24-hour canteen on the campus, a long-standing request, is set to come up soon. “Many of us study late into the night, particularly during quizzes (internal tests). Most times we are forced to go hungry as we can’t find anything edible. A 24-hour canteen is most welcome,” said second year BTech student Nikhil Sharma.

Some redundant facilities, such as the STD booth, will be removed, and the travel agency at the students’ facilities centre replaced with a railway tatkal counter. A power laundry service will come up in two weeks. A free photocopying facility was set up earlier this month.

After a ‘hunger strike’ at the Himalaya mess last academic year against the poor quality food, students have helped draw up a new tender process and introduced a performance audit clause according to which the payment for the caterers would be reduced in case there was a consistent negative feedback from students.

“All these efforts are being made to ensure that students can concentrate on academics. They should be able to have fun, and at the back of our mind is also the fact that students should feel that they can trust the faculty and institute management,” said a faculty member.

source: http://articles.timesofindia.indiatimes.com/2012-09-25/news/34081705_1_beauty-parlour-girl-students-beauty-salons

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One thought on “IIT girls wants to abide by ‘femininity’

  1. tamil underdog September 28, 2012 at 8:38 pm Reply

    IIT has a campus that houses faculty also and guest houses . 27% of seats are for OBCs.So give up your silly attitude of blaming/accusing brahmins. Going to a beauty parlor has nothing to do with caste. Please do a survey and find out whether only brahmins go to beauty parlors.What is the record of these 69% reservation universities in tamil nadu when it comes to womens’ empowerment or in promoting feminism in the campus.What is the record of anna university which is on the other side of the road in this.

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