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Dear Madam/Sir
We are overwhelmed with the kind of love & support you have extended so far. As you are aware about “SHUDRA – THE RISING ” is based on Indian Ancient History and the only film in the 100 years of Indian Cinema which is based on Varna System. This movie tells us the poignant story of 4th Varna. The Movie elaborates the deeds of Babasahab Bhimrao Ambedkar & exhibits the agony, the tyranny from which Babasahab got our lives redeemed. This film shall certainly instigate the spirit of equality among people which was the dream of Babasahab.
Sir we are consistently facing protests from extremists since the making of the film. Besides this, Corporates, Distributors, Theater Owners as well as Media also became hostile for us due to the subject of the film. All this left us with no other option except postponing the release once again. The film was scheduled to release on 5th Oct but now it will be released on 19 Oct. After prolong fight with Censor & Extremists as well as the apathy shown by media we are still helpless to spread the message of the film and now it is becoming impossible for us without your support. So once again your sheer commitment needed to reveal this black truth of Ancient Indian History & let the whole world be aware of it.
We therefore request you to show your support by spreading our Miss Call No. 02239386868(Free) in your respective cities, villages so as everyone from every segment of society can give us Miss Call to show their individual support and Babasahab’s message of equality can be spread throughout the nation. We also want your able support in the release of the film wherein you can help us by approaching all the theaters in your area and asking them to show this historical film in their theaters. Your association will certainly give us enough courage to face any possible extremist protestations as well as deliberated nuisances in future.
We are sincerely thankful for your kind cooperation.
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Sanjiv Jaiswal
Writer, Producer & Director
Mobile: 09839910100
Meesum Abbas
Associate producer
Mobile: 09839990786
Rudraksh house, andheri west, mumbai – 53
Ph – 9619615105, 9892626415

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