Man kills wife for want of sex # VAW

Vellore, T.N – A milk vendor strangles his wife to death following a tiff over sex and surrenders himself in the nearby police station. The couple have been going through a unhappy relationship, following this the wife had moved to her parents house. After she started working a private firm, the man develops suspicion that she could be having illicit affair. So he often goes to her house and fights. Later the parents mediate and leave the girl with the husband.

The indifference mounts again and hence the husband decides to leave the wife with her parents. He takes her through a mountainous pathway. On the way he feels seduced and demands wife to have sex with him. She refuses. The man gets wild and strangles her to death, surrenders himself in the nearest police station.

We may identify two chauvinistic ideological influence here one is the male power demanding sex from wife irrespective of her interest, 2nd thing is that the man relates the disinterest with extra-marital affair. This is a typical example of influence of ‘manliness’ and what it does to Man, woman and the society. Now both have lost their life.



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