Casteism within Dalits takes a girls life

Ravi Chandran‘s status in FB:

Dharmapuri violence: Give me a brake
Recently in Dharmapuri a caste clash took place in the name of love marriage. Let me not say love marriage, a marriage where women is from Backward caste(vanniyar) and male is a dalit(pariyar). There is a hue cry over the issue its true and every one has to condemn the vandalization but what is the stand of Viduthalai chiruthaigal on ‘love marriage’. And why no one is speaking about the women? Anyway I am not here for that issue rather I want to take everyone to another violence which took place on 11.111.2012 in Villupuram. Here a Pariyar girl and an Arunthathiyar boy fell in love. For 8 years they were in love and got registered in 2010 and kept it as a secret for two long years. Two weeks before the girls family found out that they were registered and tried to pursue the girl with violence for another marriage the girl disagreed while she was beaten she made a phone call to her husband for help. Her husband recorded the voice and went to the police station and the girl said not to file any complaint, because my parents might die. Whatsoever tomorrow I will come out of the house, just wait for the next day. The same evening the girl made another call to her husband and told my parents have agreed for our marriage hence tomorrow along with your family come to my house for official marriage purpose. And she also told her husband that tomorrow I ll have many work to do hence let me take rest. She went to sleep, her parents along with uncle kept the pillow and murdered her. The next day when her husband heard the news and went to collect the body they rejected and burnt the body without any postmortem. Angered husband gave a complaint to the police station, the police as usual did not file FIR, rather he started getting threatening phone calls from Pariyars in the village. Scared for his life he and his family left the village, however the Pariyars in the village has beaten the husbands uncle for not withdrawing the complaint and the uncle has been missing for some time and no trace of him. In this village 40 houses are Pariyars and only 3 houses are Arunthathiyars. In this area Thol. Thirumavalavan’s party is very strong. Aparaently one of the advocate Louis of VCK told that his party cannot do anything rather be part of any movement on this issue. Even in the past there was same kind of an incident where in that case the arunthathiyar boys sister was raped by pariyars in the village and VCK stood with the pariyars. I am not able to imagine that how much castism it is to kill their own daughter and its not upper caste dalits population which are fighting against discrimination and for equality.
Now what is the stand of Thol. Thirumavalavan and other Pariyar intellectuals on this issue. Willthey take a stand as they took against PMK. And the dalit intellectuals who wrote about Dharmapuri could they also say something.


I am very sorry to say that none of the dalit movement has seriously thought of Gender issue, as a result of it only males rule and they rule with their chauvinism.

Pariyar and arunthathiyar are dalits community in Tamil Nadu. Pariyar are dalits and Arunthathiyars are scavenging and leather working community in Tamil Nadu. Pariyars many think that arunthathiyars are low and discriminate them. In the present case a pariyar women fell in love with an arunthathiyar for 7 years. And recently they got registed their marriage, when the family came to know the issue. The girls family put a pillow on the girl while sleeping and murdered the girl. The body was not given for postemortem and burnt the girl



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