Femi Power ‘2013 Award


I was invited to deliver a speech in a women’s college in Satur on the occasion of women’s day 2013. Since the group called me with a reference name I had accepted the invitation without taking much of details, bcos the one thing that convinced me was that, I am getting a platform for sharing my thoughts.

JCI dynamic is the group that had called me and I was told that every year they honor women achievers and they invite celebrities during that occasion to deliver speech and motivate young women. It sounded like a joyous occasion. The travel to sivakasi was scheduled on 7th of March. There were 4 more women traveling with me for this occasion.

Ms. Kala Bala Sundaram – Alert

Dr. V. Uma – Suyam Arakkattalai (Siragu – Free School)

Ms. Sheelu – Women’s collective

Vaanmathi – Editor, Paavaiyar Malar

And myself

were invited as ‘celebrities’. The hospitality extended by JCI dynamic members was heart touching. The celebration was organized in SRNM college, Sattur. It was a well organized event and it looked like they had their agenda and event flow in place.

We were seated in the middle of the auditorium along with few other dignitaries. The event started with welcome dance and then suddenly some music was played and video clips of Ms. Uma and her works were shown. Then Uma was invited to stage who was accompanied by college members. Only then I could sense that we were the five women whom the organization was going to recognize and give award. For a moment I was shaken, by the time I could relax myself, the next video clip carried my speech and I was invited to the stage. Likewise all of us went on to the stage.


The college students, teachers and JCI members had done a very impressive job throughout the whole show.  Each of us was presented with ‘Femi Power 2013’ award and we delivered a speech. I spoke about my Journey, MASES and its campaigns and touched upon few examples of Objectification in Media and how their favorite ‘heroes’ portray male chauvinistic views.

Rest of them also spoke about their works and journey and it proved to be a learning experience for me as well.

I am thankful to JCI dynamic, Sivakasi for choosing me for this award and also the SRNM management, teachers and students for the wonderful show.

More than this award I value the journey in train and the time that I spent with those ‘achievers’, sharing their experience. Each of them had ‘unique’ characteristic and concern for society.  What they all are doing is marvelous, and I will never forget Abani Sree Swaroopa, Dr. Uma’s daughter. Abani and I had such great fun being together…




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