The Rules of Patriarchy – a conversation with Sruthi Radhakrishnan, JFW

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Thanks to Sruthi Radhakrishnan, Chandhini Kalyanraman and JFW.

Few questions were thrown upon and answers taken for this story. Few quotes have been taken from that and well written story.. (I understand that, that’s how it works & am bad at keeping it short & sweet 😉 )

I am sharing the e-conversation here: 

1. What, in your opinion, is patriarchy’s role in creating a society that is violent or sometimes inaccessible to women? –

Patriarchy by itself evolved by acquisition of rights and powers from Women. Those days women were the head of the family, clan who reserved rights over property, children and distribution of gathered food. Men never knew that they played a role in re-production. When the process of production (means of livelihood) changed women were sidelined for the sake of accumulation of wealth and property.

what more can you expect from a system that evolved by violent overthrow of power for accumulation of wealth and property, by hook or crook it will ensure slavery be it women or of labour class. And as women play the ‘dual’ role in production by means of reproducing labourers for the production process and also they themselves contribute in labour process as cheap labours they have been subjected to the worst and violent form of oppression. Unless until the accumulation of property is abolished and the ownership over means of production (both as labor and reproduction) is taken back nothing will change, the so called freedom / liberation that a ‘particular class’ of women enjoying today is not freedom but exploitation of labour and body for the sake of Business and Property.

2. In cases of rape, how does death penalty actually solve the problem?

Not only death penalty any form of punishment is not going to solve any problem. These kind of punishments were conceived by Kings & the ruling class only to suppress People from revolt and to ensure 100% obedience to the ‘ruling class’ and also to please ‘trading class or the rich class’. There was a need for the ruling class to safe-guard their wealth and property earned out of exploitation from being looted and hence they threatened people with death penalty, then it was gradually adapted to other ‘disobedience’ as well.  It further gained popularity and support during colonization.

 If we have to analyze psychologically death penalty is the ‘fastest relief’ for any person and it does not help anybody. 

 Here the Government takes the ‘escapist’ strategy by pointing out fingers on ‘others’ character and tries to earn ‘good name’ by the pseudo believes of People over punishments. What measures has it taken to ensure gender parity and propagate self-respect of women? 

Recently I read a news that in saudi a priest sexually harassed and raped his own child who was 1 1/2 years old, but he was not sentenced to death penalty, but at the same time rishana who was a care taker of a child was subjected to that bcos the child died during her baby sitting… so how do we interpret these ‘partialities’

 3. Are women too in some way creating and adding to a male-skewed society?

 Definitely yes, but we can neither blame Men or Women for the ‘male dominant psyche’ that they have imbibed for generations together. Both Men and Women have grown in this social construction and women have been genetically / psychologically modified and made to believe that Men are GODS and it is very important for them to win over ‘men’s hearts, get ‘good conduct certificate’ from Men, they believe that they been ‘produced’ for men, to be acknowledge by men, to be admired and appreciated by Men  matters more than her life for women, bcos women have never been taught what it means to be a women, what are her rights, what has been her role in human evolution and why were they oppressed and most of all what ‘change’ will ensure ‘true freedom’.

4. Masculinity, being a social identity, is somehow tied in with a violent attitude towards women. Is this true? Or is there more to this?

See this is a materialistic process of historical evolution and we cannot blame anyone for this. What we have to understand is ‘what’ caused this hierarchy and how to eliminate it and what will be advantages of an egalitarian society. In the ancient times women were revered and worshiped for their reproductive capacity but men hardly had any ‘position’ in the society, when the economic model changed and certain ‘wealth’ had to be retained Men had to be ‘projected powerful’ and hence those stories about ‘masculinity’ were cooked up and unfortunately both Men and Women have imbibed that in their bloods. answer lies in your question itself, it was tied up for that purpose only and it roots down to my 1st answer. 

 5. Why is there still victim blaming in cases of rape and street sexual assault, even at a global level?

 ‘Victim Blaming’ starts with administrative incompetency and psychologically too even in our homes or at individual level we always put the blame on others, this is ‘human mind’ it longs for ‘conduct certificate’ bcos that is how a society defines ‘identity’ & no one will want to lose their identity.  But they fail to explain how 1 1/2 year old child be blamed for ‘seduction’…. this is again to do with pseudo ‘morality’ values. 

6. What can men do to bring an end to this? What can women do? Is there really an end?

 both men and women have to first understand the materialistic historical evolution of the society, the different stages of ‘economic’ / ‘production’ changes that happened rather than reading some battle of panipet and where was rama born etc. As we know that this is not going to be taught in schools, they have to find the ‘truth’ and ‘knowledge’ outside the ‘academic’ walls. 

They have first start questioning everything around them, why was it ‘said’, who said it and for what, they have to first understand that ‘hirearchy’ / ‘owner-slave’ relation (be it any relation) is not the ‘norm’ of the society and ‘GOD’ (if he /she did so then he / she cannot be GOD) and they have every right to de-construct it, question it and of-course ‘demand change’, demand equality.


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