Update on campaign against Nature Power Soap


Nirmala alias Kotravai





M/S. Power Soaps Limited



Sub:    STOP encouraging EVE-TEASING


This letter is written to you requesting you to withdraw your latest advertisement ‘Santhana theru’ promoting Nature Power Sandal Soap featuring Kajal Agarwal.

The advertisement is blatantly encouraging Eve-Teasing and your insensitivity towards Gender Representation comes to our disappointment. In a country where sexual crimes are at high rate and where deaths occur on the event of eve-teasing we are taken aback to see that your company has approved such an advertisement. An advertisement in which  group of boys pass comments about looks of the girls getting out of a bus and praising a girl again just because of her looks testifies your respect for women.

The advertisement is encouraging eve-teasing, racism, male-chauvinism and gender disparity. Hence we request you to stop using this advertisement for the promotion of your products.

We believe that you are very much aware of the penal codes against eve-teasing and indecent representation of women. According to the Verma Committee report the advertisement could also be classified as Verbal sexual assault: At present, use of words or gestures to “insult a woman’s modesty” is punishable with 1 year of imprisonment or fine or both under Section 509 of the IPC.  This section should be repealed.  The Committee has suggested that use of words, acts or gestures that create an unwelcome threat of a sexual nature should be termed as sexual assault and be punishable for 1 year imprisonment or fine or both.

We hope that you would acknowledge your responsibility in providing a safe and respectful environment for Women and realize the harm that you are doing to women and society by producing such advertisements in which Men pass comments on Women’s look and body.

We request you to kindly withdraw the ‘Santhana Theru’ Advertisement and STOP encouraging Eve-Teasing.


Thanking you,

Yours truly

Nirmala (kotravai)


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