Your ‘Self’ is not in ‘you’  

Brain antomy, 19th century artwork

You can never know who you are, until you know what Social Construction is and you will never be able to realize your ‘self’, until you know that your ‘self’ develops based on objective conditions, which are determined by Political Economy and now by the Globalized Political Economy under the clutches of Imperialism. No god man, no messiah, no prophet, no religion and no other isms can help you realize yourself because members of these institution see and propagate that one’s conduct and thinking exists in void, independent of the Economic Process that is built upon a mode of production. Every aspect of living is related to social relations. Hence to understand your ‘self’ you got to understand Social Relations; A Social Science which has scientifically analyzed the society based on mode of production and its social relations and the resultant product relations, Distribution and Exchange can only help you understand the Society in a dialectical-materialist Manner.

When source of living is materialistic, it is highly idiotic to view the world in an idealist manner and to keep searching your ‘self’ in ‘you’.  Self-Moralist approach is highly unscientific when one is remotely controlled by ‘STATE’, an organ of and for the dictators of the Economy.  The STATE actors and Economic dictators make us believe that ‘STATE’ is all powerful and it exists for the welfare of the People. State guarantees welfare through The Judiciary, The Legislative, The Executive and The Military, but these being the Organs of the state (Religion pretends to be an indirect organ in the so called secular STATE) and STATE being the guard of the then mode of Economy (Currently – Economy based upon Private Mode of Production & Profit Making through Surplus) turns each and every individual an Economic Slave.  A Slave is a slave, denied of his / her Self.

As a Slave, denied of self by the STATE and its DICTATORS where and how would you find your ‘self’? How the GOD or the Messiah will be able to guide you to enlightenment, when the survival of the GOD and its shelter by itself is dependent upon the Political and Economic agenda of those power centers.

When someone, acting as a mediator to GOD is convincing you to believe in ‘soul search’ / ‘self search’ it only means that you are allowing yourself to be fooled by an agent of an Economic Institution, namely Religion, be it in the name of Religion or Spirituality.

Any Idealist theory / faith that propagates ‘self’ as something to be existing independent of objective conditions and that self could be realized and enlightened through self-moralist approach is only a farce. To understand the objective conditions you got to be scientific, Socio-scientific and not Religio-Scientific, because Religion can never be scientific, and when it comes to Social Science Marxism is the only social science that can help you understand the society in a dialectical-materialist Manner, and thus help you understand your ‘self’.

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