Observe and Educate

message is fine..

but not always girls (boys) express / show any behavioral changes..

while being watchful is definitely helpful, it is always better not to leave children, esp a girl child under the care of relatives, friends (men), do not allow anybody to touch & play / touch and show ‘love’, ‘care’ etc… whoever it may be… whatever may be the age.. No touching, No hugging…

If the kids are left to stay at relatives house, ensure that girl child gets a separate room to sleep or atleast men should be kept away from the ‘girls only room’… ‘GOOD’ Men may feel hurt, but if they are good, am sure they will understand, why it was necessary

if that’s not possible, tell your KID to object ‘touching’ / open up to you (parents) if something went wrong…. keep asking her how the MEN of ‘those other’ houses behaved… was she comfortable going to their house, ask questions about the MEN in your houses… if she is comfortable with that X MEN… could be a visitor, relative, friend, worker.. Keep asking….

Inform the Kid to learn to object ‘touching’… be it anyone… until they are grown up and or have really found a friend / soul mate / love, whom they 100% trust….

Habeeb Nagar PS WZ Hyderabad

A Video made on the awareness of Child sexual assault – Responsibility of Teachers & Parents to observe the behavior of children and protect them from Sexual Assault. Watch it & Share.

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