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My Body My Weapon

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SDurga – sexy enough to spit!


S### Durga (Originally Sexy Durga) is a hardcore political critic movie spoken in common ‘Man’s’ language. I am in awe with the subject and unconventional film making that #SanalKumar Sasidharan chooses. He proves that content outshines form. #SDurga not only stands out for its ‘storyless subject’ but the way it has been filmed. Passion and Political commitment is what it takes to produce such films.

I remember the poem – road not taken! But the road that Sanal Kumar takes us is the same road that we travel every second, every minute, however not been ‘repaired’. To escape from this road, bypass roads have been created or the dents have been justified, ‘Tips’ have been offered by ‘virtuous’ people for effective maintenance of the ‘road’ rather than making it accessible for everyone. Thus it becomes a road not taken – path being consciously ignored for the benefit of Oppressors.

Tons of thanks to #SanalKumarSasidharan and #SDurga team for making a ‘propaganda film’ without ‘cinematizing’ it! Propaganda becomes a taboo in films. Am glad that you did it, probably making it a ‘new genre’, atleast in my understanding!

This form is definitely new and inspiring. It has opened newer hopes for Political Activists to speak their heart out in the so called ‘Entertainment’ Medium. Why would someone call this an alternate film? Is the pathetic condition of Woman (or any gender) in society an alternate problem in this society? Aren’t these ‘masala’ films an alternate and deviation from the ‘reality’? We should be terming them as ‘hyper reality’ movies… I guess.

I am not going to narrate the story, because it has to be watched and experienced. However, as Sanal himself has mentioned in his interview, the festival intercut and the end, rather endless end attempts to spit on the hypocrisy of this society.

This Patriarchal society is not only a threat to women but also Men, Couples, Children and every damn life on this planet. Myself being a victim of moral policing when my partner was subjected to assault on road for holding hands and walking can write pages and pages on how fearful it is to live in this ‘dark society’, but what is the use unless and until it is being voiced at large scale.

S###Durga struggles to be that voice and it is shameful as always that such voices are suppressed. Let’s stop calling such films an alternate film and bring it to mainstream.

Dear comrade Sanal Kumar Sasidharan, please do make many such movies and politicize this ‘numb’ society in your own way and we shall be with you.
With love,

P.S. Infact I had gone alone to the movie and there was one woman along with a man. So, I was the only woman alone watching this movie amidst about 7 or 8 people in PVR. I had to cross so many male gazes while I went alone into the mall, when I came out to take a cab, inside the cab! I kept thanking Sanal 🙂


சிறார் குற்றவாளியின் வயது





பெண்ணைப் பழிக்காமல் பிழைப்பு நடத்துங்கள் திரைத்துறையினரே

//அப்படியானால் படத்தில் என்னதான் இருக்கிறது? காதல் என்னும் பாவனையில் ஆண் பெண் உறவுக்கான ஏக்கம் காட்சி ரீதியாகவும் வசனங்களின் மூலமாகவும் திரும்பத் திரும்பச் சொல்லப்படுகிறது. இவற்றை எந்த அளவுக்குச் சில்லறைத்தனமாகவும் ஆபாசமாகவும் வெளிப்படுத்த முடியுமோ அந்த அளவுக்கு இயக்குநர் வெளிப்படுத்தியிருக்கிறார்.// (திரிஷா இல்ல நயந்தாரா திரை விமர்சனம் – tamil hindu)
திரைப்படங்களை / படைப்புகளை பெண்ணிய நோக்கிலிருந்தும் விமர்சனபூர்வமாக அணுகும் வெகு சிலரில் அரவிந்தனும் ஒருவர். அவருடைய திரை விமர்சனங்கள் மிகவும் முக்கியமானவை. அனைவரும் படிக்க வேண்டிய ஒன்றும்கூட…
நான் இந்தப் படத்தைப் பார்க்கவில்லை. ஆனால் பிட்டு படம்டி எனும் பாடல் கேட்டபோதே நிச்சயமாக இது ஒரு கேவலமானப் படமாகத்தான் இருக்கும் என்று யூகித்திருந்தேன். தன் மேல் நம்பிக்கை இல்லாத ஒருவரே இப்படி விடலைப் பருவ காம உணர்வுகளையும், பெண்களை தூற்றுபவர்களாகவும்.. அதிலும் குறிப்பாக காதலில் பெண்கள் ஏமாற்றுபவர்கள், மோசமானவர்கள் என்பதாக மிகைப்படுத்தி ஏதோ ஆணினத்தை இரட்சிக்க வந்தவர்கள் போல் தங்களை முன்வைப்பர்.
நடிகர் விஜய் இந்தப் பாதையைத்தான் முன்னெடுத்தார். அதற்கு அவர் தந்தையே வழிகாட்டி. அதேபோல் சிம்பு, தனுஷ் என்று பட்டியல் நீள்கிறது. பெண்களை சபிப்பதன் மூலம்… பெண்ணினத்தை தாழ்த்துவதன் மூலம் இவர்கள் ஒரு பெரும் கூட்டத்தை தங்களின் ரசிகர்களாக உருவாக்கலாம், ஆனால் பெண்களுக்கெதிரான மோசமான நஞ்சையே இவர்கள் விதைக்கின்றனர் என்பதை அவர்கள்தான் அறியவில்லை, அல்லது அறிந்தும் ‘பிழைப்பிற்காக’ முதுகெலும்பற்ற காரியத்தை செய்கின்றனர் என்றால் அவர்கள் வீட்டுப் பெண்கள் எப்படி இதை சகித்துக்கொள்கிறார்கள் என்பது புரியவில்லை.
பெண் பற்றிய ஆபத்தான கருத்தியல்களை விதைப்பதிலும், ஆணாதிக்க கட்டமைப்பை அப்படியே கட்டிக்காப்பதிலும் திரைப்படங்கள் மற்றும் இதர ஊடகங்கள் மிக முக்கியப் பங்கு வகிக்கின்றன. உண்மையில், பெண்களைப் பற்றி மட்டுமின்றி ஆண்களையும் சதா சர்வ காலம் பெண்ணையே சார்ந்திருப்பவராகவும், பெண்ணுக்காக அலைபாய்பவராகவும், காமமே கண்ணாய் இருப்பவர்களாகவும் காட்டும் இந்த ஆபாச பிழைப்புவாதப் போக்கை உண்மையில் எதிர்க்க வேண்டியவர்கள் ஆண்களே.
ஆணையும் பெண்ணையும் பிரித்தாளும் செயல்களின் மூலம் இலாபமடைபவர்கள் முதலாளிகள் / நடிகர்கள் ஆனால் பெரும் நஷ்டமடைவது சமூகம். அந்த சமூகம் என்பதில் உங்கள் வீட்டுப் பெண்ணும் அடக்கம் என்பதை ஆண்கள் நினைவுகொள்ள வேண்டும்.
பெண் இனத்தை மீண்டும் மீண்டும் கொச்சைப் படுத்துவதும், குடித்துவிட்டு பெண்களை சபித்துக்கொண்டே இருப்பதும், பெண்களைத் தாழ்த்துவதுமாக இருக்கும் இவர்களுக்கு உண்மையில் பெண் உடலைக் காட்டாமல் பிழைப்பு நடத்தும் துணிவு இருக்கிறதா?
இதில் பெண்களின் பங்கு இல்லையா? அதில் நடிப்பவரும் ஒரு பெண்தானே என்றெல்லாம் அங்கலாய்ப்பவர்களுக்கு ஒரே ஒரு பதில்தான் என்னிடம் உள்ளது: ஆண், பெண் இருவரும் இதே ஆணாதிக்க சமூகத்தில்தான் பாடம் கற்கிறோம். பொது ஆணிற்கு இருக்கும் அதே அறியாமைதான் பொது பெண்ணிற்கும் இருக்கிறது. அதுமட்டுமின்றி, பெண் என்பவள் victimize செய்யப்பட்டவள், அவளுக்கு அத்தகைய வாய்ப்புகளே வழங்கப்படுகின்றன.ஆனால் அவர்களுக்கும் தார்மீக பொறுப்பு உள்ளது என்பதை நான் மறுக்கவில்லை.
ஆனால், முதன்மையில் இங்கு நாம் குறை சொல்வது ஆணினத்தை அல்ல, ஆணாதிக்க சமூகத்தின் சிந்தனைகளைக் கொண்டு தம் பிழைப்பை ஓட்ட நினைக்கும் அந்த ‘படைப்பாளர்கள்’ பற்றி மட்டுமே. அத்தகையவர்கள் ஆணாகவும் இருக்கலாம், பெண்ணாகவும் இருக்கலாம். இந்த சமூகத்தின் முன் எவர் ஒருவர் ஒரு படைப்பின் மூலம், செயலின் மூலம் ஒரு சிந்தனையை, ஒரு உடையாடலை, ஒரு படைப்பை முன் வைக்கிறாரோ – (அதாவது கருத்து சொல்லிகள்) அவர் பற்றிய விமர்சனமே இது. அத்தகையோருக்கு பொது புத்தியில் உள்ளவர்களைக் காட்டிலும் கூடுதல் பொறுப்புள்ளது….
ஜீ.வி பிரகாஷ், ஆதிக் மற்றும் அதுபோன்ற திரைத்துறையினர் தம் செயலுக்காக உண்மையில் வெட்கித் தலை குனிய வேண்டும்.
அரவிந்தனின் சொற்களில் சொல்வதானால் //ஆதிக் இப்போதுதான் திரை உலகில் அடியெடுத்து வைத்திருக்கிறார். அவரது பார்வை விசாலமாகி, திறமையும் கலை உணர்வும் வளர்ந்து செழித்து அவரால் பல நல்ல படங்களைத் தர முடியலாம். அப்படி நேரும் பட்சத்தில் தன் முதல் படத்தை நினைவுகூரும்போது அவருக்குக் கட்டாயம் கூசும்.//
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@kumudam_com – Apologise for your story insulting women and be responsible! – Kavitha Muralidharan

Women who wear leggings are immoral! That’s what Kumudam, a popular Tamil Magazine, thinks.

Kumudam has also printed several photos of women wearing leggings without their consent! If the women are wearing Kurtas over their leggings, the magazine has chosen to print sleazy photographswhere the wind is blowing up their kurta.

This is sickening behaviour! Sign our petition and make Kumudam magazine apologise for this tasteless story.

The magazine has also printed a poem by an anonymous male author – who says men can’t help but ogle women, so it is the responsibility of women to dress ‘decently’.

Kumudam thinks it can get away with moral policing and publicly shaming women! We need to show them that if they publish such stories, they too will be held publicly accountable.

Kumudam’s editor and managing director have refused to comment on this story. They’re refusing to acknowledge that their magazine hasdone anything wrong.

Sadly, this is not the first time that Kumudam has demeaned women. They have run many such sensational stories where they degrade women. Kumudam has to be held accountable!

Sign my petition and make Kumudam apologise and promise to publish responsible stories.

I am a female journalist and Kumudam’s history of objectifying and judging women sickens me. If enough people sign this petition, we canshow Kumudam that their readers and their audience will not tolerate such stories.

If we make Kumudam apologise, other media outlets will think twice before running ‘stories’ such as this. Sign my petition and make Kumudam apologise and promise to engage in responsible journalism.

To sign petition:

காதல் வரம்புகள் பற்றிய கருத்து நக்கீரனில்

The relevance of Kawasi Hidme’s unheard story by Sushmita Verma (Art by Sushmita) – ‘Colours of the Cage’

Being an adivasi, a woman and being born in a region desired by greedy multi national companies does not serve one well. That is the story of Hidme and many more like her in the regions of Bastar, Chattisgarh. Kawasi Hidme was a young girl, full of energy from Borguda village in Sukma, Bastar region. She helped her widowed aunt till a small piece of land. The rice grown was just enough for them and Hidme would, during the season, sell Mahua in the local market. Like every girl of her age, she would be excited about the occasional fairs from where she can buy colourful bangles and other items which were otherwise not available in the local market.

In January 2008 just after harvest, as in previous years, a fair was organised in Ramram, the nearby village. Kawasi accompanied her aunt and her other cousin sisters to the fair and to buy ribbons andchoodis. There she joined a group of other tribals who were dancing and singing. Having danced vigorously, she soon became thirsty and approached the nearby hand-pump for water. But as soon as she held the pump, someone very forcefully grabbed her. She looked up angrily and was shocked to see Police personnel. They had surrounded her and began dragging her by her hair towards their vehicle parked outside the fair. With hands and feet tied, she was thrown on the floor of the truck and driven to the Police station.

IMG_20150425_020702This was just the beginning- the start of the atrocities that were to be perpetrated on Kawasi Hidme for the subsequent seven years or so. As the staff at one police station would satisfy themselves, she would be sent to another. Repeated torture resulted in a death like situation for her. The policemen however, got apprehensive that she might die in the station itself. That would be a major problem. Her detention had to be formalised and she had to be sent to prison. This was not something uncommon for this area- adivasi girls like Hidme were detained and tortured for months on end and would ultimately be falsely charged under draconian laws such as the Chattisgarh Public Security Act, UAPA, etc.

However before sending her to the prison, the formality of producing her before the court remained. Kawasi’s condition was such that she had to be admitted to the hospital. It was only after a few days that she was produced before the local Magistrate. The Police had conveniently accused her of an offence that related to the murder of 23 CRPF personnel and the Magistrate remanded her to the Jagdalpur prison. On reaching the prison, the excessive physical and possibly sexual torture ultimately paid its toll and her body suddenly ejected her uterus. She bled profously. Horribly scared, she somehow attempted and suceeded in putting her flesh back into her body.

IMG_20150425_021009Till then, she couldn’t share her experience with anyone, but now in prison she would be comfortable to talk to the other Gondi speaking women inmates. The next day as her uterus was again thrown out of her body, Kawasi decided to cut it off. She asked an inmate for a blade and when all the girls had gone out of the barrack, she sought to operate herself so as to end the pain. As she was about to act, a girl entered the barrack and screamed on seeing the bleeding Hidme. The other women inmates gathered. The blade was taken away from her and the jailor was called, who sent her to the city civil hospital for treatment. After a surgical operation at the hospital she was brought back into jail.

In court, the fabricated case against Kawasi was not progressing. The Police had mentioned two women and two policemen as witnesses. The two women never came to depose before the court and the two policemen denied having any information about her involvement. The evidence put up was itself suspicious at face value. The offence in which Kawasi was alleged to be involved, took place on the 9th September 2007. Statements of police personnels (with ‘remarkable memories’) were recorded on 5thDecember 2007, mentioning names of around 50 Naxalites supposedly calling out to each other. This list did not contain Kawasi Hidme’s name. However after 15th December 2007 when the police personnels added a few more names, her name suddenly appeared in newly recorded statements. And finally in court they denied her involvemnet.

Soni Sori, an adivasi teacher, was also in prison during this period and could interact with Kawasi. Soni Sori had undergone a similar treatment in police custody. She was administered electric shocks and stones were inserted in her private parts. After her release Soni Sori had informed human rights activists about Hidme’s condition who in turn, with sympathetic lawyers, started raising their voices for Kawasi. One such lawyer argued before the Court that as all the witnesses were complete, orders to release Hidme should be given. The judge replied that since she had already spent seven years in jail, there should not be a problem in spending a couple of months more! So Hidme stayed incarcerated for many more subsequent months. Finally in late March 2015, as none of the charges against her could be proved the Court ordered her release.

On the date of her release, Soni Sori and her nephew, Linga Kodopi went to receive her from Jagdalpur jail. When Linga took her back to her village, her friends failed to identify her and as she called out to each one of them, they started weeping. Though she was now free, her body was almost completely wasted. She had undergone multiple operations for gallstones. And each operation resulted in further exhaution. The mental injury is almost beyond repair. She regularly faces depression and sudden mood swings. On the other hand, the IG of Bastar, Kalloori has planned to fabricate Kawasi in a further case as she continues to speak of her violations and join Soni Sori in their fight against these injustices

This is not just the story of Kawasi Hidme, but rather the story of thousands of Adivasi women and men incarcerated for longest years of youth and vitality.The hard question we need to ask here is, who is going to compensate for their lost years? In the absence of legal aid, the torture these young women and men have undergone are never proved . The even more shocking part is that we do not hear such stories in the mainstream media. Soni Sori was one of the few women whose voice did reach mainstream media, the reasons being her own courage and the extent of gruesome torture she underwent. Though among aware citizens, it is not unknown that the Police frame adivasis and vulnerable people in regions like Bastar in false cases by branding them as naxals, but serious documentation on it especially when it comes to women still remains minimalistic. But all this fades in the midst of the footage that mainstream media devotes to coverage of the IPL, paid-news reports or events that do not concern us. This has created an illusion in the minds of our youth that a good life means a good job and abundant money with no concern for society at large. The few courageous women who decide to stand up against the mighty and powerful state apparatus face hostility at every step of their work. Recently when Soni tried to help Bhima Madkam, a local injured in a police firing, from Madenar village in Bastar to file a complaint, the police started harassing and threatening her saying that they will send her back to the jail by getting her bail order cancelled by the Court on grounds that she is ‘instigating people against the State’.

Apart from investigatng the case and arresting people, the police in these areas also assume the role of delivering justice. The growing impunity they enjoy is disturbing. The power that comes from holding the gun with absolutely no accountability is indulging. They assume the role of the overarching patriarchal figure who under the pretext of ‘protecting’ society, extracts ‘small’ (sexual or otherwise) favours, ‘teaches’ the accused a lesson and gets away easily unnoticed. Unless we broaden the discourse and dialogue on these issues, there is faint hope that anything is going to change for the better.

Hidme’s question keeps haunting us: “I was never involved in any Maoist activity… What was my fault?” We, as concerned citizens, have to decide if we are prepared for more such questions or are we going to stand up and challenge these injustices?

(Note : Support for the facts related to Kawasi Hidme’s case has been taken from Jagdalpur Legal Aid group’s lawyer, also a large part has been translated from information available in Hindi on activist Himanshu Kumar’s facebook page. The relevance of Kawasi’s story in our lives is becoming more important than ever before, hence I chose to talk about her story. All views expressed are mine)


திரை மறைவு கேமிரா குறித்து – நக்கீரன்

ரகசியக் கேமிராக்கள் பொருத்தி பெண்களின் அந்தரங்க தருணங்களை, பெண் உடலை ஆபாசமாகப் படிம்பிடித்து பெண்களை மிரட்டுவது குறித்து:

பெண் உடல் பற்றிய ஆணாதிக்க சமூகத்தின் கருத்தியலே இப்படிப்பட்ட பாலியல் ரீதியான வக்கிரங்களுக்கான அடிப்படை காரணம். இந்த ஆண் அதிகாரமே பல்வேறு வக்கிரங்களுக்கு வழிவகுக்கிறது, வன்புணர்வு, ஆபாசப் படமெடுத்தால் ஆகியவை இதன் நீட்சியே. இதுபோன்ற வக்கிரங்களை, ஆபாச புகைப்படங்களை, வீடியோக்களைக் கண்டு பெண்கள் அஞ்சக்கூடாது. நமது அச்சமே அவர்களது மூலதனம். ஒருவேளை பெண்கள் இதுபோன்ற அத்துமீறல்களுக்குள்ளாக நேர்ந்தால் துணிந்து அதை அம்பலப்படுத்த வேண்டும். காவல் துறையில் புகாரளிக்க வேண்டும், சட்டரீதியான நடவடிக்கையில் இறங்க வேண்டும்.

ஆனால், இந்தப் போராட்டத்தில் வெல்வது பெண்களால் மட்டுமே சாத்தியமில்லை, காவல்துறை, சட்டம், சமூகம் என அனைத்தும் பெண்களுக்கு ஆதரவாக செயல்பட வேண்டும். புகார் கொடுக்க வரும் பெண்களை கேவலமாகப் பேசாமல், அவர்களையே குற்றவாளிகளாக்காமல் உரிய நடவடிக்கை எடுக்க வேண்டும். பெண்ணின் விருப்பமின்றி எவர் படம் எடுத்தாலும் அது வக்கிரமே, குற்றமே – அது காதலனாக, கணவனாக இருந்தாலும் சரி. காதல் சார்ந்த பிரச்சினை என்றால் அதில் பெண்ணின் நடத்தையை குறை சொல்லிப் பேசும் மனநிலையிலிருந்து சமூகம் வெளிவர வேண்டும். தங்களுக்கு நேரும் பாலியல் சார்ந்த தொல்லைகளை வெளிப்படையாகப் பேசுவதற்கான சூழலை குடும்பமும் சமூகமும் பெண்களுக்கு ஏற்படுத்தித் தரவேண்டும்.

புகார் கொடுக்கும் பெண்ணின், குடும்பத்தினரின் அடையாளங்கள் பற்றிய இரகசியம் காக்கப்பட வேண்டும். அவமானத்திற்கு பயந்து ஒடுங்குவதே வக்கிரங்கள் பெருக துணை நிற்கிறது.

Hidden Camera

Hidden Camera

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6 year old child was raped and murdered by her own grandfather


It is reported that a 6 year old girl child was raped and killed by her own grandfather. This brutal incident has been reported from a place called kallaavi jadayan palayam, oothangkarai near krishnagiri district. The victim Pooja (6 years old) is the daughter of Gopala Krishnan a lorry driver. Pooja’s mother was dead when the child was 6 months.

Following this Gopala Krishnan had married muthulatchumi (20). She is 5 months pregnant now.  Krishnan would be often on travel and Pooja would be under the care of her step mother and her grandfather Pazhani Gounder (63) and her grandmother Muthammaal.

Pooja studies in U.K.G in a nearby school. Day before yesterday she had gone to school and as usual returned home. She had slept next to her grandpa in the night. Her Aunt and grandma had slept at another room

Pazhani Gounder woke up in the night reporting that Pooja was missing. Following that the grandma, the aunt and neighbors started searching for the Child. To everyone’s shock the child’s body was discovered from a nearby well.

People were doubtful about Pooja’s death and they reported in Kallavi Police Station. Police rushed to the spot, acquired the body and sent for Postmortem to Dharmapuri Government Hospital. It was reported that the child was raped and murdered.

Following the investigation made by the police it was found that Pooja was raped and killed by her own grandfather, threw her body in the well and acted innocent. Police has arrested him.

Additionally they also arrested her aunt Muthulatchumi.

Below is the statement issued by Pazhani Gounder:

I had an affair with my 2nd daughter-in-law muthulatchumi. I promised to give all my property to her and demanded her to have sexual relationship with me in exchange for this. We both used to have sex often. In the course of time, Muthulatchumi was a bit skeptical about the property rights and asked how is it possible for me to give the property to her when Pooja is still alive.

So I decided to Kill Pooja. Day before yesterday while all were sleeping, I took Pooja to nearby cow shed. On the way I raped her, inspite the fact that she is my Son’s daughter. When Pooja screamed Muthulatchumi came out, I ordered her to go inside. Then I murdered Pooja, threw her body in the well and walked home innocent.