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A conversation with Hero Motors

Nirmala Kotravaiposted toHero MotoCorp
Hero Honda should immediately remove the casteist content in its communication and in future should refrain from using caste names & casteist notion in its advertisements or communication.
  • Hero MotoCorp Dear Nirmala, Hero as a responsible corporate has always been an important part of the India story. Hero is committed to the highest levels of conduct in all its actions. Splendor is the world’s largest selling two wheeler brand. This creative is in t…See More
  • Nirmala Kotravai Thanks for replying. I was told that this ad appeared some time long back and the caste names were replaced by just names & that’s why I removed my post from the blog. But now your answer is quite surprising. ‘Iyer’ is not a family name, it is a ‘caste’ name & as per Indian Caste System, it boasts of ‘noble’ birth, where by placing the hard core laborers who do ‘unclean’ jobs in the lowest order & has branded them ‘Untouchables’.
  • Nirmala Kotravai It looks like you or your company or your creative agency is quite insensitive to the casteist oppression in the country. Or you are least bothered about hurting the sentiments of the oppressed. I am sure your team would have only chosen to use the caste names which are known as ‘upper castes’ and definitely not of the ‘lower castes’. Can you explain this state of mind please?
  • Kanaga Sivakumar The intent was not hurt any sentiments, but to say that today Splendor is part of every family. – Neither every family is Iyer family in india nor every motor company wants to advertise XXX Iyengar & Sons Ltd nowadays. it hurts. It is as simple as it is
  • Ganesh Subbi Kudos to you Nirmala Kotravai.. Hero MotoCorp should remove the content and issue a statement…
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  • Kumar S Kumar @ Mr.kanga sivakumar, just imagine instead of iyer ,we try with some lower caste name from north india, then you will be knowing consequence of sales in particular brand and the people response. Even government should not allow people to use their ca…See More
  • Kandeeban Ayyathurai First and foremost, whoever created this ad shud know we tamils in TN DO NOT use surnames/caste names.. our names are Patronymic (go look up for the meaning of that). Using a caste name here is not just discriminatory but self-defeating cos no one in TN would identify themselves with it.. not even the so-called “iyers”… u just shot urself on the foot, Hero!!

Hero Honda & Casteist Advertisement



This is to register a complaint against the Hero Motor Corp Advertisement for Splendor pro which propagates casteism in the  name of family name. In a country where the labor class is oppressed in the name of caste and devoid of its rights, a company like Hero Motor Corp should be sensible enough in not using caste names in its communication. Hence Hero Motor Corp should immediately remove the casteist content in its communication and in future should refrain from using caste names & casteist notion in its advertisements or communication. , else MASES will be forced to get into action inviting public attention.

ஹோரோ மோட்டார் கார்ப் தனது ஸ்ப்ளெண்டர் ப்ரோ விளம்பரத்திற்காக சாதியப் பெயரைப் பயன்படுத்தியுள்ளது வன்மையாகக் கண்டிக்கத்தக்கது. உழைக்கும் வர்க்கம் சாதியின் பெயரால் கடுமையாக ஒடுக்கப்பட்டு, உரிமைகள் மறுக்கப்படும் நாட்டில், ஹீரோ ஹோண்டா போன்ற ஒரு நிறுவனம் சற்று கூறுணர்வோடு செயல்பட வேண்டும். உடனடியாக ஹீரோ மோட்டார் கார்ப் அந்த விளம்பரத்தைத் திரும்பப் பெற வேண்டும், அதிலுள்ள சாதியப் பெயர்களை, கருத்துகளை நீக்க வேண்டும். இல்லையேல் மாசெஸ் மக்களின் கவனத்தை ஈர்க்கும் நடவடிக்கைகளை எடுக்க வேண்டியிருக்கும்.

People who wish to complaint against this advertisement may use below links:

இந்த விளம்ப்ரத்திற்கெதிராகப் புகாரளிக்க கீழ்கண்ட சுட்டியைப் பயன்படுத்தவும்: –

or call Ankur Singla @ 0120-380-3011, personal complaint manager for Hero Honda

Hero Honda Chennai office call @ 044 28350874