Our Campaign Diary

A letter to Cyrus, Chairman, Tata Docomo


BOYCOTT TATA PRODUCTS until they withdraw POSER ad…


Open up against TATA DOCOMO


மதிப்பிற்குறிய அரசியல் வார இதழ் ஆசிரியர்களே, – http://wp.me/p29ZgW-gO

Campaign against Sexual Violence – Kaliammal Case:


Campaign against Salary for House Wives to be paid by Husbands


Usha Rani’s Case:


campaign against gender discriminating, racist in notion – emami bailwan advertisement


https://masessaynotosexism.wordpress.com/?s=emami –

https://masessaynotosexism.wordpress.com/?s=vodafone – against the Vodafone ad made with two young children

https://masessaynotosexism.wordpress.com/?s=tamil+magazines –  Appeal to Tamil Magazines – STOP Publishing PoRN / Sexy Pictures

First Campaign by M.A.S.E.S:



2 thoughts on “Our Campaign Diary

  1. salam February 22, 2012 at 9:57 pm Reply

    I saw your article in Recent Kungumam issue . Dress code is not such a factor . Egs People in Goa irrespective Hindu or Catholics move about in skirts and no one stares at them.
    In chennai the mind set is different as also the media, great Maanada Mayilaada etc spoil
    A small suggestion
    Many school going Girls riding cycles keep one hand on thighs to prevent Skirt blowing up. Why should they not think of putting smaal hook in the skirt and loop in pajama so that they can use both hands . Similar idea can be thought of Duppaatta on the Kammeez

  2. Thanks for the feedback Salam. We cannot ignore the fact the ideologies behind dress & body is a constructed one. I have written articles on how ‘Dress Politics’ is created… pl check.. There is one more article in this blog written by Jamalan pl check that also.

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