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Gayathri’s Murder news – few explanation

Following the whistle blowing about Gayathri’s death, there is a news report on http://namakkal4u.com/?p=20950 ,http://namakkal4u.com/?p=20964 saying that some malicious elements of the society had spread the rumor amongst the students and this spread across tension amongst the student’s community.

Y’day evening I got an SMS about the foresaid incident from a social activist. Since I did not want to jump blindly into an issue, I waited till morning. Today morning I called and asked for some more details and relevant contact numbers. He mentioned that he got this news from a known source and it is said that the student’s are facing challenges in organizing strike, the management is putting pressure through parents, parents are not letting students to take it up etc.,

I spoke to one of the number provided in the SMS and she confirmed that the students are doubting that it could be a murder following rape, the Management tried to bribe, they are not able to hold protests, students want to organize protest outside Namakkal Collector Office but Gayathri’s father wants the strike to happen outside college.

Hearing that the student’s are not able to reach out for help and facing some obstacles, I had sent a press release stating that “It is reported that…”, “It is said that….” And I also shared the contact number provided.

Again I asked for another contact number for media to speak to someone, I was provided with a number, that student mentioned that her parents are scared and they don’t want her to involver herself in the issue. I conveyed the same to one of the media who had called me.

A sexual abuse and torture case was reported from Thoothukudi and inspite of confirming by talking to the victim, she never spoke to Media when approached. How do we understand this.

Even People with high activist-network are facing obstacles to stage protests…so how do we get away without suspecting oppression in such issues. If any of the Media or student’s organization or Human Rights Organization intervene, it ma help.

We could also suspect if these exercises could be an attempt to add strength to the recent statements from Government that social media networking sites are spreading rumors and intimidating violence etc.

We also cannot rule out that ‘influential’ People have the power to burry things. We have to wait and watch.

But if it is a rumour and some one tried to play around by falsely spreading news on women’s issues, then it is shameful.