MASES believes in  an Egalitarian Society. It strives towards egalitarianism by speaking to protect the rights of the excluded, women and children . Our Vision is for an egalitarian Society in which the rights and the needs of the excluded are addressed without any discrimination on the basis of gender, caste, religion, culture, class, politics, health and education.



M.A.S.E.S – Movement Against Sexual Exploitation is a movement started with a primary objective to disseminate knowledge on Sexist Representations in Media. We strongly believe that Media has played key role in propagating and sustaining the Patriarchal values and gender discrimination. With its influence People have been conditioned to believe Gender characteristics is natural.

MASES is against all forms of discrimination and We commit ourselves primarily to expose Gender Stereotyping in Advertisements and other media. MASES is also keen in exposing various forms of violence against women, which includes sexual harassment, Rape and Honor Killing. MASES has been actively involved in fact finding work.

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